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85. June Bouquet - chamomile, cornflowers, rose and orange – beautiful in every way

86. Organic Chamomile - nurturing, soothing and tranquil
87. Pepperminty Chamomile - the classic with a twist
88. Fresh Mint - pure peppermint
89. Hibiscus Raspberry - berries with a floral note
90. Lemon Cooler - light and soothing, lemon grass and lemon rind
91. Plum Charm - delightful hearty essence of cinnamon and plum
92. Cinnamon Chai - rejuvenating without the caffeine
93. Her Royale Highness - a sweet & full-bodied honeybush with hazelnuts


(roy-boss) From South Africa, this roasted herb has a ruby color (also called Red Tea) with a sweet, full bodied flavor without a trace of bitterness, no caffeine

94. Crimson Orchard - apples, cranberries & spice
95. Pomegranate Medley - notes of lime, cranberries and raspberries
96. Pina Colada - pineapple and coconut unite perfectly
97. Organic Island Breeze - passionfruit, apricot and mango
98. Organic Hibiscus Peach - vibrant botanical blend
99. Cranberry Mango - interesting layers of flavor
100. Key Largo - an unroasted or green rooibos with orange, peach & strawberry
101. Royal Marzipan - dessert in a cup - rich as the candy itself
102. Vanilla Almond - a delightful treasure, uniquely fragrant
103. Provence - red and black currants, raisins, blueberries, rose and lavender-enchanting- fruity and floral
104. Lemon Love - vanilla, lemon grass, and marigold petals- like an old fashioned lemon drop
105. Ginger Nectar – rich, smooth and warm
106. Cinnamon Orange – a spicy pick me up
107. Teatime Mint - sweet vanilla and chocolate mint pair beautifully
108. Vanilla Rose Chai - sweet floral notes – unique and soft
109. Corsican Pear - mellow and rich
110. Organic Rooibos

Fruit Blends

111. Cranberry Mandarin - bright and citrusy
112. Blood Orange - naturally mouthwatering
113. Luscious Fruits - an enchanting infusion of hibiscus, rosehip, orange and apple
114. Garnet Jewels - the fruity scents of berry, apple and cherry
115. Sweet Tart - juicy strawberries and kiwi fruit

Single Estate Black Teas

Black teas are withered, rolled, fermented and then fired

1. Assam - rich, full bodied malty taste, from India
2. Darjeeling - “Champagne of Teas” grown in the Himalayan foothills
3. Keemun Congou - strong, robust Chinese tea
4. Yunnan - special grade, from China, noble with a pronounced aroma
5. Kenilworth - a Ceylon tea - bright, aromatic with medium body
6. Kenyan Mountain – Africa’s best

Blended Black Teas

7. English Breakfast - brisk, perfect for morning or afternoon
8. Irish Breakfast - stronger and heartier than English Breakfast
9. Camellia’s Blend - Darjeeling, Highland Ceylon & Oolong - elegant and sparkling
10. Victorian Manor - Ceylon, Keemun and Kenyan teas – bright & bold
11. Hampton Court - Darjeeling and Assam – a regal blend
12. Smokey Russian Caravan - exotic mixture of four Chinese black teas and Lapsang Souchong
13. Earl Grey - scented with oil of bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus fruit
14. Earl Grey with Jasmine - unexpected and delightful
15. Earl Grey Cream - vanilla & cornflowers - deliciously creamy
16. Lady Jayne - a fruity, gentler variety of Earl Grey with lemon as well as bergamot enhanced with vanilla
17. Garden of Earl Grey - oil of bergamot softened with lavender and rose petals

Flavored Black Teas

Black tea mixed with an herb, fruit or essential oil

18. Cinnamon Delight - cloves and orange zest make it perfect
19. Splendid Spice - cardamom, rose, vanilla, citrus & almonds
20. Roasted Chestnut - warms your heart!
21. Black Currant - delicately scented and fruity
22. Sugar Plum - fruity with a warm touch of spice
23. Peppermint Patty - refreshing, an excellent dessert tea
24. Chocolate Hazelnut - our version of “Nutella”
25. Chocolate Cherry Cordial - absolutely decadent - indulge yourself!
26. Lady Godiva - chocolate and raspberries… perfect together
27. China Rose - delicate scent with sprinkling of rose buds
28. French Lavender - an enchanting aroma that lingers
29. Vanilla Cookie - an irresistible pairing
30. Caramel Crème - smooth and delectable
31. Vermont Maple - naturally sweet
32. Ginger Peach - summer's fragrance
33. Ginger Lemon - refreshing with a kick
34. Chocolate Chai - comforting and mellow with a rich velvety flavor
35. New Delhi Chai - warm and mysterious- ginger, clove, cardamom and cinnamon
36. Champagne Raspberry Darjeeling - fit for any special occasion
37. Victorian Spice - magical mixture of plum, cinnamon, ginger and a hint of rum
38. Exotic Island Blend - pineapple, papaya and mango
39. Peachberry - summertime peaches and strawberries create a lasting memory

39a. Berry Rhubarb - Like the crumble... without the crust!
40. Sunshine - ideal pick-me-up with a lemon zing - refreshing
41. Ruby Black - invigorating grapefruit at its best!
42. Pomenilla - pomegranates sweetened softly with vanilla
43. Apricot - simply soothing and smooth
44. Strawberry Darjeeling - a lovely sweet prize
45. Coronation - strawberries and lemon balm – very regal and refreshing

45a. Passion Fruit - Lots of fruity zip

Oolong Tea

Partially fermented, more delicate than black tea yet stronger than green tea

46. Momoko Moon Oolong - gentle and fragrant
47. Rose Oolong - alluring floral notes
48. Pineapple Oolong - a tropical invitation
49. Lemon Grass Oolong - invigorating

49a. Orange Blossom Oolong - Beautifully delicate

Green Tea

Steamed to prevent any fermentation; they retain their natural color

50. Sencha - Japanese green tea with a grassy, fresh flavor
51. Genmaicha - toasted brown rice adds a nutty flavor
52. Gunpowder - rolled into little pellets, slightly smokey flavor
53. Dragon Well - delicious with an earthy lingering finish

Flavored Green Tea

Green tea mixed with an herb, fruit or essential oil

54. Moroccan Mint - refreshing, aromatic peppermint
55. Cinnamon Rose - floral with spicy notes
56. Emerald Spice - cinnamon & cloves - a lively green tea
57. Lemon Mist - chamomile, spearmint and a hint of lemon
58. Kyoto Cherry Rose - simply stunning- a tea to remember
59. Green Apple - an orchard in a cup- crisp
60. Strawberry Fields - sweet and light
61. The Green Nutcracker - buttery toasted walnuts and almonds, an intriguing blend
62. Pecan Pie - satisfying
63. Crème Brulée - delightfully rich & aromatic
64. Organic Chun Mee with Gingko and Citrus - a light golden cup with a mellow citrus accent
65. Jasmine Petals - graceful, aromatic and delicate
66. Wild Blueberry - berry delicious

White Tea

The naturally dried silvery white buds and topmost leaves of the tea plant; the most unprocessed tea there is

67. Pai Mu Tan - sweet, mellow taste - delicate, subtle and soft

Flavored White Tea

White tea mixed with an herb, fruit or essential oil

68. White Acai Berry - top of the line Silver Needle blend with fruits and berries
69. Golden Temple - green sencha & white blend with tropical fruits - exceptional
70. Silver Jubilee - chamomile, almond, vanilla and cardamom-unique and delicious
71. White Coconut - light yet creamy and tropical
72. Crown Jewels - rose, lemon and vanilla - enchanting
73. Chai Blanche - mellow yet full bodied
74. Lady Bianca - lemony bergamot
75. Organic Melon Pear
76. Organic Pomegranate
77. Organic Ginger Peach
78. Organic White Mangot

Decafe Teas

Gently decaffeinated using a carbon dioxide high-pressure process - the flavor and

health benefits are almost entirely preserved

79. Decafe Apricot
80. Decafe English Breakfast
81. Decafe Boysenberry
82. Decafe Garden of Earl Grey
83. Decafe Assam
84. Decafe Sencha

Beverages made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis

All of our teas and infusions have been personally selected for your enjoyment from many worldwide sources.

These teas are available for purchase in our Boutique.

We hope you will agree they are some of the finest teas you have ever tasted.

We also ship our teas!

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Tisanes or Infusions
A "tea" not made from the camellia sinensis plant; naturally caffeine free, tisanes may be made from flowers, herbs, spices, fruit or berries (herbal)