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Susan & Sara Peterson

People ask me all the time why I opened a tea room 18 years ago.  Well, I must give all the credit to my beloved English grandmother. She loved her tea and was a fabulous baker. Always busy, yet she had time for a cup, a treat and a few moments to reflect on her day. Edith was always calm and organized, never frazzled, and I remember that vividly as a child. When I was home raising my own family, I had a similar tea tray and found time each day to have a cup and to ponder my thoughts and feelings.

When you couple this tradition with loved ones, its effects bring us together in a warm & touching way. Especially today, when we are on the go around the clock, a time to rejuvenate is a necessity and a needed indulgence. To see multigenerational families together and best friends getting caught up is what we enjoy most. Tea is a wonderful catalyst for precious human interaction and we promote that at Teaberry's.

Please visit- you'll never feel rushed or ignored - instead you will feel far away from the outside world, at least for a little while...

Yours Truly,

Susan Peterson - Owner, Teaberry's Tea Room

When my mom opened the tea room in 2005, I found it fascinating.  I was thrilled to be involved any way I could, but it was always her dream.

That is, until I came home from living in France for a year after college.  I was about to start a job search because I felt pressure to find a “career”, but in the meantime I realized that my mom had a restaurant I adored that I didn't want to miss a beat of. Now I have been back 12 years and could not imagine doing anything else!

I am surrounded everyday by delicious food, delightful people, beautiful celebrations, and old world charm.

I feel very grateful to share this experience with her.

We hope you will feel the same wonderful energy about Teaberry’s and all the love we have poured into the tea room. 


Sara Peterson - Manager, Teaberry's Tea Room

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